Note to Contributors

    1. The Journal of Home Economics Research (JHER) is a scholarly trans- disciplinary research publication. Manuscripts to be considered for publication must be found very useful to both scholars and practitioners in Home Economics and related fields.
    2. Articles which should be typed double spacing should not exceed 10-12 A-4 pages including references and Abstracts.
    3. The title and institutional affiliation of the author and an abstract of not more than 120 words should precede the title.
    4. Manuscripts under consideration by other journals must not be submitted.
    5. Empirical reports must be written under the following distinctive headings.
      1. Introduction - with background of study: statement of problem, significance of study and appropriate literature built in.
      2. Objectives/Purposes/Research Questions/Hypotheses.
      3. Methodology - This should contain the following distinctive sub-headings: (a) Population, (b) Sample, (c) Instrument, (d) Data collection and analysis techniques
      4. Findings and Discussion.
      5. Conclusion
      6. References
    6. Non-empirical reports must have:
      1. Introduction - that shows clearly the focus of the article
      2. Main body - under distinctive headings that could have been reflected in the introductionConclusion with appropriate recommendations where necessary.
      3. Conclusion with appropriate recommendations where necessary
      4. References
    7. Literature must be relevant, rich and current. References should be according to the American Psychological Association (APA).
    8. Manuscript must be submitted in triplicate with a non-refundable review fee of $ 40, to:
    9. The Editorial Board

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