JHER Volume 23, Sept 2016

In this Issue

  • Food Management Principles Adopted by Street Food Vendors in Effutu Municipality in the Central Region of Ghana- Madah, K.C.; Payin E.F.& Halidu, Ramatu 1- 11
  • Child Mentoring by Parent in Makurdi Metropolis of Benue State - Okonkwo, L.E 12 -21
  • Promoting Responsible Parenting in Families: Challenges, Strategies and Need for Research - Okoye, U.O. 22 – 33
  • Farmers’ Attitudes towards Family Planning Programmes in Selected Rural Communities of Benue State, Nigeria - Ugboji, A.U.; Kingsley, H.O. & Ivande, P.D. 34 - 43
  • Cultural and Economic Determinants of Health Quackery among Adults in Nsukka LGA of Enugu State - Ofuebe, J. I.; Iwuagwu, T. E. & Nwagwu, O. N. 44 - 55
  • Challenges Militating Against the Teaching of Home Management Programmes in Tertiary Institutions in Oyo State -Akinyemi, T.A; Ogunwande, I.O.; L’hameed, A.W. & Akinola M.O.56 -65
  • Tattoo as Body Adornment among Secondary School Teenagers in Lagos Mainland of Lagos State, Nigeria- Oluwaleyimu, O. O. & Ohaka, A. R 66 - 78
  • Occupational Health Hazards Knowledge in Enugu State, Nigeria: A Case Study of Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company Workers - Ezedum, C.E & Ugwu, D.I 79 -88
  • Pattern Engineering for Construction and Fit-Testing Male Adolescent Shirts with Ethnic Fabrics -Thompson, D. & Nwonye, N.U. 89 - 100
  • Creativity Skills for Home Economics Undergraduates in Tertiary Institutions in Lagos State -Abiamuwe, N.O., Seriki-Mosadolorun, J.S., Otobo, V. O & Ogbonna, K. P 101-112
  • Waste Generation and Management Practices in Urban Agriculturally Oriented Business for Sustainable Development in South-East, Nigeria - Onu, F. M. & Obi, O.A 113 - 124
  • Digital Skills Required by Technical Vocational Education and Training Lecturers for Instructional Delivery in Universities - Orji T.C.; Ali, C.C.& Okanazu, O. 125-137
  • Condom Use by University Students: A Case Study of University of Uyo, Uyo Akwa Ibom State- Nkan, V. V. & Nnubia, U. E. 138 – 145
  • University Students’ Perception of Introduction of Dressing Code in Campus: Case Study of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike - Obunadike, J. C. 146 – 154
  • Skill Improvement Needs of Crop Farmers in Management of Soil and Forest Resources - Onu, F. M. & Alkali, Marajos 155 - 166

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