JHER Volume 25, No. 2, Dec 2018 


In this Issue


v Income Generating Opportunities Available to Widows in Agriculture and Home Economics Related Trends - Ndem J. U. & Akubue B. N 1 - 9

v Social Skills Needed by Adolescents for Curbing Conduct Disorders: A Case Study of Adolescents Dwelling Along River Benue Banks in Benue State, Nigeria - Atser, J. L. & Kembe E. M. 10 - 19

v Antenatal Health Care Services Utilization among Childbearing Mothers in Ebonyi State, Nigeria - Umoke, MJ; Umoke, C. I. & Nwimo, I. O. 20 -30

v Improving the Communication Skills of Autistic Children through Artistic Interaction: Case Study of Therapeutic Daycare Centre, Abakpa Nike, Enugu - Alu, N.F., Oyeoku, E.K. & Oyeoku, O.K. 31 - 47

v Nutrients and Organoleptic Properties of Soup and Stew made from Glossocalyx brevipes (Benth). - Otitoju GTO, Otitoju O, Nwamara J.U. & Kalu – Uka A.G. 48 -61

v Benefits of Health Extension Education Programmes in Healthcare Delivery in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State - Nwachukwu, R.; Nke, M.A.; Eneh, E.C. & Agboeze, M.N. 62 - 71

v Enhancing Social Competences among Preschool Children in Anambra State - Obi-Okeke, C. A & Igbo, C. A 72 - 82

v Educational Challenges of Autistic Children within Families in Benue State, Nigeria - Aondoakaa, B. N. & Kembe, E. M 83 - 94

v Strategies for Strengthening Spousal Relationships in the Family in Enugu State - Offiong P. E. D & Anyakoha, E.U 95 - 104

v Undergraduates Participation in Entrepreneurship Skill Acquisition in Tertiary Institutions: A case study of Federal Institutions in Akoka Lagos - Osifeso, G. A. T. & Chigbu, R. N. 105- 114


v Heavy metal quantification of noodle products commonly consumed in Nigeria - Otitoju, O., Otitoju, G.T.O., Boyi R.N., Baiyeri SO., & Ezenwa, C. P.


115 - 126

v Influence of Economic Recession on the Extended Family System in Abia State, Nigeria - Idika-Umeh, Adaku Sandra 127 - 139

v Challenges of Teaching and Learning Clothing and Textiles for Entrepreneurship: Case Study of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki - Akubue B.N. ; Idumah C.I.& David Ester 140 - 152


v Secondary School Female Teachers and Participation in Agricultural Prod-uction Enterprises - Ezemma, J.C.; Anorue, H. C. & Nwandu, L. O. 153 - 164

v Youths and Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Skills Required for Self-Employment: A Case Study of Vocational and Technical Education Students in Enugu State - Ehujuo, A. I.; Ugwu, E. I. ; Obichili, O. I. & Eze, O. O. 165 - 178

v Environmental Conditions Necessary for Effective Peer Tutoring among Clothing and Textiles Students in Senior Secondary Schools in Onitsha Education Zone of Anambra State of Nigeria - Obunadike, J. C. 179 - 188


v Challenges of Retirees in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State - Uneze-Amby E. C. & Nnubia, U. E. 189 - 198


v Solid Waste Disposal Practices of Households in Housing Estates in Awka Anambra State -Nomeh B. C. 199 - 208


v Willingness and Compliance on the Use of Safety Protective Clothing by Road Cleaners in Samaru and Sabon-Gari Areas of Kaduna, North-Western Nigeria - Kantiok, Esther 209 - 219


v Competency Needs of Computer Studies Teachers for Effective Teaching of Web Design - Ezugwu, M. O., Ibezim, N. E., & Kalu, E. U 220 -232

v Care Labels Utilization by Laundry and Dry Cleaning Establishments in Benue State - Gera N.P.; Chukwuone, C.A; Ugwu, E.I &Madu, M.A 233 - 240

v Enterprise Characteristics of Selected Hotels for Indigenous Snacks Acceptability in South-West Nigeria - Apata, O.C; Abimbola, A.F; Ajayi O.O.; Meludu, N.T. & Ayodele, I.A. 241 - 249

v Strategies for Coping with Economic Recession: A Case Study of Female Lecturers in University of Ilorin, Nigeria - Opaleke D. O.; Gbadebo, C.T. & Adeniji, O.T 250 - 262

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