Optimal and sustainable overall well-being of individuals and families has continued to be a major concern of Home Economics. The Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HERAN) recognizes that the world is not static. Daily, many breathtaking changes, occasioned by the world order, occur in the social, economic and political arena. Globalization enhanced by unprecedented information communication technology (ICT) revolution, with its various facets and challenges is on course. Poverty, unemployment, diseases including HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, violence, crimes, and so on, are ravaging developing countries, including those in Africa and the rest of the world. These and many more impact on the family, leaving it with a barrage of challenges which threaten its very survival. This situation has crucial and enormous implications for Home Economics in the developing countries like Nigeria.

Home Economics is a family oriented multidisciplinary and dynamic field of study. The changes and challenges impacting on the family ought to shape and reshape the Home Economics research, curricula and practices calling for even greater coalescence of disciplinary knowledge and retooling for Home Economists if the field is to exert relevant and positive influence on individuals and families. This need for shaping and reshaping calls for continuous structured deliberations based on valid research and robbing of minds. Home economists require enhanced research capabilities and new directions. They must continuously evolve, develop and adopt new attitudes, aptitudes, skills, capabilities and technologies as well as target new horizons if they are to make relevant and sustained impact in today's family and society. The need to address these and related issues informed the conception and birth of HERAN in 2000. Since then HERAN has grown phenomenally in activities; membership.


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